White Noise © REGIONALE12, Foto: Nikola Milatovic
Öffnet Originalbild in großer Ansicht: White Noise
White Noise
© REGIONALE12, Foto: Nikola Milatovic

The futuristic, tactile architecture of the mobile pavilion "White Noise" - designed by the renowned architect team soma upon commission by the Province of Salzburg - creates an exciting counterpoint to the untouched nature in the Krakau area. Situated in the alpine high plains, its complex structure - both an interactive and emotional spatial experience - continuously changes depending on the location of the observer.

The pavilion is both the home base of the Cooling Station project and, as a REGIONALE12 festival center, the departure point for excursions to the other projects in the Krakautal valley.


Design: soma
Where: Krakauebene 29, 8854 Krakauhintermühlen
When: June 24 - July 21, 2012, daily 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

With support from Fond zur Förderung von Kunst am Bau und Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Salzburg / Holzbau Herbert Hollerer GmbH / Rauter Fertigteilbau GmbH
In cooperation with the municipalities of Krakau-Hintermühlen, Krakauschatten and Krakaudorf

Free entrance
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