An exhibition by Oliver Ressler.

Not An Alternative © Photo: Brennan Cavanaugh
Öffnet Originalbild in großer Ansicht: Not An Alternative
Not An Alternative
© Photo: Brennan Cavanaugh

Time and again organizational models of communities lead the Knittelfeld-born artist Oliver Ressler to investigate the concept of democracy. Through different events, he questions if representative democracy has outpaced itself, if direct democracy is actually compatible with nation states, or what can and should work in small and large groups.

In discussions with visionaries and activists in Athens, Madrid, and New York, Oliver Ressler explores the so-called "square movements" in the last two years for REGIONALE12. Public spaces were occupied and became symbols of direct democracy and protest against governmental decision-makers. But above all, in many places they imbued people with the courage to continue the wave of protest. The title Occupy Everything refers to one of the cells, the Occupy Movement, which began with "Occupy Wall Street". In addition to screening his video work, Oliver Ressler invited two other positions: Stefano Savona's film "Tahrir, Liberation Square" (FR/IT/Egypt 2011) about the first days of the uprising in Cairo, which ended successfully with the resignation of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, was filmed from the perspective of the protestors on Tahrir Square. And the group "Not an Alternative" presents techniques to visually anchor oneself in demonstrations.


Curator: Oliver Ressler
With: Not An Alternative, Occupy Movement, Oliver Ressler, Stefano Savona
Where: Festival Center St. Lambrecht (upper floor) / Pavilion in the monastery garden of St. Lambrecht Benedictine Abbey, 8813 St. Lambrecht
When: June 23 - July 22, 2012, 10:00 am . 7:00 pm

With the support of Cine Art Steiermark / St. Lambrecht Benedictine Abbey
In cooperation with Studiorot

Entrance upon presentation of a festival pass or a day ticket.
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