As a festival of contemporary art based at various locations outside main centres of population, REGIONALE12 looks into the question of how rural areas could become a model for innovative discourse on social development in times of urban growth and simultaneous retrogressive development of urban centres. From Maren Richter

Murau: the Region

Migratory herding Breuer (© REGIONALE12, Photo: Nikola Milatovic)

The Murau district consists of 34 communities. Five smaller member regions of the so-called Timber World Murau (Holzwelt Murau) also represent the key topic of timber within regional and economic developments.


„If I am in Brussels, I come from Austria. If I'm in Vienna, I come from Styria. When I'm in Graz, I come from Murau and when I'm in Murau, I come from Kulm am Zirbitz."
Harald Kraxner
General Manager Timber World Murau (Holzwelt Murau) 

Life should be reflected in the public presentation. The "gap" in the contemporary image of the country requires the regional.
Martin Fritz
Curator, consultant and author

The Festival is an excellent breeding ground with many topics that are worth to be taken up in Murau.
Rainer Opl
Department 16 national and community development




Murtal Train (© REGIONALE12, Photo: Nikola Milatovic)

Pictures from the region

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